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Summer camps

Kids as dolphins Asinara

Freediving, safety and respect for the sea and nature !!

Everything suitable for children

Summer camps for children  , activities with the operators of the Asinara National Park and lots and lots of sea !!

This is our project, born thanks to the KAD didactics of Apnea Academy, and from the fantastic natural context that Asinara offers us!

Freediving seen and experienced in a playful way, but without neglecting the basics and safety at sea, this is the "mission" of our campuses for children aged 7 to 13.

A team of expert instructors / trici assisted by professional educators / trici will accompany the children during the week.

The activities will be many, which will be divided between those in water and those on land together with the Park Operators  :

   CRAMA  sea turtle hospitalization center  cetacean monitoring  

Tumbarino Wildlife Observatory, a very important center that deals with catching and ringing
of species of migratory birds that cross or stop at Asinara during migratory flows

ASD Assial Cavalcando Asinara, an association that deals with the capture, care and census of wild animals
inside the Park.

Snorkeling visit to the most important submerged archaeological site of Roman amphorae in the Mediterranean.

All this and much more, experiencing coexistence, the pleasure of being together, sharing meal times and
of sleep, housed in the structures of the Sognasinara Hostel in Cala d'Oliva.
What are you waiting for??? Contact us for info at

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