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A dive into the Blue with a single breath ... to discover, discover yourself and remain breathless every time.
Freediving was the first form of diving practiced by man and still represents the most instinctive way to go underwater ...
But to say it in the words of our master:
"From 0 to 100 meters and then further down, plunging into the abyss: the pulsations slow down, the body vanishes, every sensation floats in new forms. Only the soul remains. A long plunge into the soul that seems to absorb the soul. universe"

Recreational freediving

Our Apnea Center at Asinara offers a series of services dedicated to patented freedivers.

Cable training

This service is aimed exclusively at patented freedivers, who will be able to train on our training buoys with depths related to their own patent and in any case up to a maximum of 40 meters, supported by one of our vehicles.  The sessions at sea last one hour (several sessions can be added per trip).  

The freediver can train independently (in any case with the presence of an assistant) or guided by one of our instructors who will support the training.


ale corvine-01.jpeg

guided excursions

This service is aimed exclusively at certified freedivers, who will be able to explore, accompanied by one of our guides, the extraordinary depths of the Marine Protected Area of the Asinara Island, discovering an incredible amount of flora and fauna. They will have the opportunity to make suggestive and exciting encounters with species of considerable size that are now rare elsewhere, such as Groupers, Corvines, Dentex, Amberjacks, etc. The excursion lasts about two hours. The authorized points will be reached with one of our dinghies.

dedicated lessons

This service is aimed at  patented freedivers or anyone who wants to approach freediving. The lessons are modulated according to the needs and knowledge of the student. The topics covered are:

- Relaxation and Breathing (theoretical and practical lessons);

- Basic compensation (theoretical and practical lessons);

- Immersion techniques;




deep training

This service is aimed at athletes who want to train in total safety in the various disciplines over 40 meters. The center provides logistical support for an inflatable boat with a counterweight and safety system with suex underwater scooter. Furthermore, the following are available to the athlete:

- Emergency oxygen kit;

- Decompression oxygen kit

- Assistance service in the water. 

apneist c4.jpg


This service is aimed exclusively at patented freedivers, who will be able to train on the variable buoyancy disciplines and at the same time train the compensation  with minimal physical effort. as for the other disciplines, the center provides athletes with:

- emergency oxygen kit

- decompression oxygen kit

- assistance service in the water


dedicated lessons on compensation maneuvers

This service is aimed  to those athletes who want to optimize advanced compensation techniques  . With theoretical and practical lessons  and with the help of devices  which will facilitate their understanding and management.



Apnea & Relax

Relaxation and breathing, mental training, apnea on cable, recreational moments and breathtaking landscapes
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