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WINTER Activities

Our association carries out initiatives to promote underwater activities throughout the year.


Have you taken a freediving course and want to continue practicing even in winter?

We do weekly training sessions in the pool for

give our members the opportunity to  practice and improve your skills in the water, always followed by our staff and in the company of a splendid group.




Agonistic activity

Do you want to discover the world of competition and participate in events, sporting events and freediving competitions? Then this is the right place for you, here you can follow a training course that will lead you to face and live in complete safety and fun  wonderful experiences or comparing yourself with other athletes and improving your performance !!

Sentinels of the sea

The respect and the deep bond with the sea and its abysses, makes us carry on with commitment  this project, which ranges from simple observation and control of the seabed to report any anomalies such as ghost nets  or support in the control of sites of great historical and naturalistic interest such as the Roman wreck of Cala Reale.  we constantly check  dive sites in protected marine air  and we carry out a monitoring  on the possible presence of pollutants, such as for example that carried out in collaboration with the bodies in charge during the spill of fuel oil from the industrial port of Porto Torres.

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